Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fatwa (2010)

True story – Woman leaves Islam. True Islam gets her back.

Watch Film on effects of Terrorism.

ISLAMIC movie in Hindiurdu Language from PAKISTAN With English Subtitle

This film is based on true events… When I was given the assignment to make afilm on terrorism, I wanted it to be based on reality. I have personally seen and interviewed people affected by acts of terrorism. And it was a devastating experience for me.

I have seen people in psychological wards in extreme depression and paranoia, I have seen women take to prostitution after losing their only bread winner to terrorism, I have seen children who still can’t come out of their trauma, mothers unable to cope with their grief years after their sons were killed, daughters waiting for their fathers… All victims of terrorism. It was terrible, terrible…
Some of the cases were so sad that I still break down when I think about them. The case shown in this film is one among them, but at least it had an ending that makes it bearable. There are other cases where the victims still languish in pain. Their pain is unbearable to watch on film and I chose not to make a film of such cases.

Urdu Couplet:
Ab Darindo se na haiwano se dar lagta hy,
Kya zamana hy ke insaano se dar lagta hy
Khoon rezi ka ye aalam hy Allah Khair Kare,
Ab to Musalmano ko bhi Musalmano se dar lagta hy.
We don’t fear wild animals any more,
It is Humans that we fear
Bloodshed has now become so common,
Even Muslims are now fearful of Muslims…

May Allah bless Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri for his Fatwa against this scourge of terrorism that has led to confusion amongst Muslims. The terrorists call themselves Muslims but they kill Muslims and destroy their families.
The victims and most other people hate terrorists and their ideologies even if they call their ideology ‘Islam’. The Fatwaa (Decree) issued by Shaykh ul Islam definitely clears the air of confusion and separates true Islam from the hideous ideology of the Terrorists

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